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MBBS Abroad Consultants

PSP Education caters visionary educational consultation for every student seeking professional guidance for the career. The consultancy believes in nurturing the potential of students and educators by presenting them effective opportunities. It is made feasible by blending and inculcating right knowledge, right values, and righteous direction of thinking.

PSP Education excels in catering MBBS program for the students seeking professional career abroad. MBBS in abroad for the Indian students has renewed the career of many students who opted other career options. Keeping the list of prestigious universities in mind, PSP Education tries its best to provide MBBS career program in foreign countries. It also includes best medical universities in Europe and that too in affordable cost.

We Cater right direction to your Career - Study MBBS Abroad

Application Process

Our dedicated team is one-of-its-kind engaged in organizing all the application requirements for the MBBS program being conducted in foreign countries like China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and some European countries. Just reach them at the helpdesk and process will be smoothly concluded.

Information provision

Being a concerned MBBS abroad consultant, we keep close watch on study environment, registration formalities, and other formalities to keep the admission process live.

Complete Assistance

As a new member in the troupe, we arrange everything for you; right from the visa application to travel to logistics and accommodation. Even then we keep in touch in case you need us anytime.

Professional Counselling

We provide professional guidance to the career seekers with respect to their career choice and future prospects. Our team updates its knowledge base so that no formal or casual ineffectiveness may manifest in the ongoing application process.


PSP Education is an extensive search engine for the students, parents,and education industry players who are seeking information


Pawan Kumar Singh

Thanks for psp Educational Consultants, for helping me to achieve success in my life in my college studies.

Priya Jain

My experience was truly outstanding with the psp Education Counselling program


Thanks for helping me to achieve success in my life in my college studies

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Rationales to Choose Us

Put your learning and knowledge in right direction with our guidance and serve humanity. We aid in making true your dream in this realm and put simply our every effort. We also cater:


  • University Application: The candidate is open to select any location where he is interested to pursue the MBBS course.
  • Accommodation Booking: According to the choice of the candidate and availability, the accommodation will be made available to the candidate.
  • Airport Pickup: Our team members will be in airport for any kind of assistance.


  • Career Oriented Counselling: With understanding, experienced and helpful counsellors, the candidate gets the right environment to think productively.
  • Course Counselling and Application Process: Based on the career choice of the candidate, our counsellors cater the required information.
  • Visa Guidance: Ball comes in our court now and we deliver our services swiftly.


  • International Student Recruitment: Settling our candidate righteously is our mission and motto as well. For this we conduct series of trial interviews so that candidate may not hesitate while facing true events of interview.
  • Branding: Our candidates are our brand ambassadors and we inculcate human values in them making them more accountable for their every act as a MBBS student.
  • International Student Fairs: To keep our candidates informed, we make arrangements for international student fairs.


  • Find a Program: Choose the program as per your interest and we will guide through.
  • Medical Program: Most valuable and evergreen field that gives an opportunity to serve mankind as well.
  • Graduate Program: Get graduated in the program that suits you the best.