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MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Make your dream come true

Kyrgyzstan: A rouge country with a historic connect: silk route. But, this historic nation located at the central Asia is also known to be the home of one of the finest Asian medical institutes. Being the finest among the known medical institutes, Kyrgyzstan is home to several international candidates. Global students with a dream of pursuing their medical career enroll themselves in the medical colleges and come out with the flying colors. At PSP, they are mentored by our expert group which believe in making psychological foundation of self-belief.

Reasons to head for Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is the hive of prestigious medical universities known worldwide for the innovative breakthrough in medical sciences. Knowing this every student who is willing to study abroad leaves no stone unturned to pick the chance. But different appealing attractions keep gathering the attention of the students of international origin:

  • Pocket friendly fee structure: The fees university of the medical colleges is affordable for all the students. This gives them ample reason to make Kyrgyzstan their first choice to study. The universities also provide accommodation facility in the same amount of fees.
  • World class universities: Kyrgyzstan caters world class education in every field esp. Medical. The innovative research conducted in their region has given a new platform to the world to work upon.
  • Interns: Internship is the part of the curriculum for which most of the universities have the tie-ups. These internships entail patient visits, procedural classes and other registered curriculum process. Most of the time the students are absorbed by the best medical institutes.
  • World recognized Degrees: Once the MBBS program is completed by the student, the university awards MBBS degree which is world-wide acceptable.

Kyrgyzstan Universities Best in class

    Kyrgyz State Medical Academy: Established in 1939, Kyrgyz State medical university applies advanced technologies to teach their students. Offering 4 years medical course is equivalent that of MCI and this is the reason it is the first choice of Indian students.
  • Asian Medical University: The university is known to offer world class facilities to the students right from reading material in libraries to the field work required for every medical practitioner.
  • Osh State Medical University: One of the distinguished medical university, Osh medical university caters every academic requirement of the medical students without delay and counts to yield best students in the medical field of the country.

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Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

Fee Structure

First Year Second to Sixth Year Total Package
6000 USD 3500 USD 15-16 lac INR

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy was established in 1939 as a medical institute. Recently, the acadmy had celebrated it's 70th anniversary as it entered new decade of activity.

Asian Medical University

Fee Structure

First Year Second to Sixth Year Total Package
5400 USD 2500 USD 11-12 lac INR

Asian Medical Institute came into existence in 2004 and presently has students from more than 100 cuntries in its books including india, russia, nepal, germany, pakisthan, kazakhstan, and nigeria.

OSH State Medical University

Fee Structure

First Year Second to Sixth Year Total Package
5700 USD 2600 USD 12-13 lac INR

Osh State University is one of the most distinguished, prestigious and developed university of Eurasian region. Medical faculty offers English medium MD (MBBS), Postgraduate and doctorate programs for foreign students.